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HTTC Graduates

Since early 2000, Coach Hong has been working with all Top Ivy League University/College tennis team coaches, with the direct relationships, we are here to provide a pathway for talented and highly motivated young players to to gain acceptance to top colleges and universities nationwide.

Many student graduated from HTTC has earned scholarship or facilitated acceptance at a Division III or Ivy League college or university and/or have pursued careers in professional tennis. 

At HTTC, we are also committed to train young junior player to become ATP/ WTA tour pro. To fully pursuit their professional tennis path.

Alumni College Placements in Ivy League & All Division Schools:

Harvard University

Yale University

New York University

University of Chicago

Columbia University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Virginia

Duke University

Cornell University

University of Maryland

Georgetown University

Boston College 

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

Notable Alumni:

Linden Li - University of Chicago

Irene Lu - Harvard University

Dennis Wang - Yale University



Michael Li - New York University

Eric Zhao - Harvard University

Edward Zhao - Harvard University

Calvin Li - Columbia University

Starlin Shi - Boston College

Andy Xiao - University of Pennsylvania

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