Full-Time International/Local Training

Since early 2000, Coach Hong has been working with international tennis organizations and professional young players to train full-time at HTTC. Today, HTTC is still one of the leading high performance tennis academies, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our students. We are in line to promote the meaning of tennis through exchange skills and knowledge internationally.

Our Full-Time Program provides players with the ideal environment to improve their tennis skills under professional coaching while also gaining an exceptional education. Top national and international players train at HTTC. We anticipate 

Our players are among the top juniors, ATP, WTA, and ITF players from around the world. Players come from all continents and backgrounds with one goal in common: becoming the best tennis players they can be. 

Our coaches are all top-level ITF, USPTA, and USTA certified professionals. We pride ourselves on hiring only highly-trained, experienced head coaches. Because mentorship and individual training are an integral part of our program, we ensure that all of our coaches possess the leadership and mentoring skills necessary to develop students on an individual level. Our coaches are equipped to handle all kinds of players, with training that meets the needs of each student. Our training program targets seven key aspects of player development, addressing not only the physical elements of training but delving deeper to facilitate growth of the student-athlete on all levels.

General Everyday Schedule
What to Expect
  1. Character Development Program

  2. Warm-up & Pre-Habilitation

  3. On-court Tennis Training

  4. Player Performance Management

  5. Mental Toughness Training

  6. Fitness & Movement Training

  7. Tournament Travel