Meet our professional coaches

HTTC is committed to becoming the best professional junior developmental training facility.

With our highly motivated, experienced staff team, we hope to develop champions with the highest standards.

We pride ourselves on hiring only highly-trained, experienced head coaches. Because mentorship and individual training are an integral part of our program, we ensure that all of our coaches possess the leadership and mentoring skills necessary to develop students on an individual level. 

Hong C. Ni


Founder/ Owner of HTTC.

  • Professional athlete with both and Chinese National Senior Coach title.

  • Participate in National Tennis Tournaments.

  • Former head coach of Chinese National Women's Tennis Team.

  • Former team captain of Fed Cup of Chinese Women's Tennis Team.

  • ​Former Head coach of Chinese Olympic tennis Team.

Juan Pablo Garcia



  • ​Former top junior player in South America.

James Munn



  • Top 10 Junior Player in New England in singles and double.

  • Has more than 15 years of experience teaching juniors and adults of different abilities.

  • has taught numerous junior reached to college level.

Linden Li



  • NCAA tennis player at University of Chicago 2009-2013

  • Top Junior Player in USTA Mid-Atlantic and national ranking.

Jason Mechali
  • NCAA player of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Former top junior player in South Africa.